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Product description

System supervisor usually requires the integration of multiple production analysis reports of different equipment in order to have the full understanding of system operation. Trendtek proudly bring iReport to our customers by providing quick and non-programmed reports for different time bases, such as daily, weekly, monthly and annually. This great tool can individually support following databases, include iFix Historical Database, Proficy Histrorian, and Relational Databse. Microsoft Excel is utilized as format for users’ quick conversion to their custom reports. 


  1. Non-programmed solution: Use only dialog boxes without complicated programming.
  2. No database creating is mandatory: Data from iFix Historical Database will be archived, which means extra cost will be saved.
  3. Simple Excel format: using the Microsoft Excel as the reporting format, simply to create and revise a report
  4. Effective report export: Retrieve the data from iFix historical database directly, generate effectively the historical report.
  5. East to maintain:Simple architecture and generate for report design, simple to maintain.